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A-Gear Guide

The A-Gear (derisively called the "rapecannon" by players) is a specialized aircraft that can land and drive on any surface. Its most defining skill is the Siege Mode, which transform the A-Gear into a stationary anti-air-battery. Packs or lines of A-Gears (dubbed "rape carpets") can create zones of absolute area-denial. While I-Gears and B-Gears may have terrifying alpha-strikes, A-Gears are the king of damage per second. The trade off for high DPS and tough armour is that any A-Gear sticks out in the fight, since it is slow and you just have to "follow the tracers".

* Attack - Primary stat for most A-Gears. Attack increases your damage output, adds a little probability (4.5% with 300 points in attack) and increases your pierce percentage (cancels out the enemies defense).

* Shield - Increases your total amount of shield. Since a high value in defense is much more useful than raw hitpoints, you should only put as many points into shield as you need for your engine (Accounter 4/5: 44, A-X: 64).

* Defense - Primary stat only for defense A-Gears. The more defense you have, the less damage you take from enemy attacks. If bolstered and used in conjunction with Siege Defence, all damage can be reduced to 1.

* Agility - Useless for all A-gear builds.

* Spirit - Determines the amount of Skill points your gear has, which you can spend to activate your skills. Since A Gears have the most toggle skills of any gear (Siege Mode, Siege Defense, Air Siege, Ground Accelerator, Camouflage), all A-Gears aim for at least 63 spirit (504 skill points), since the skill regeneration rate goes up every 500 points.

* Fuel - Fuel increases the amount of weight your gear can carry and your fuel gauge. Keep below 80 or, if you hate refueling because you are flying around a lot, below 70.

A-Gear builds

There are a lot of A-Gear build, but every A-Gear engine requires an engine. A-Gear engines need Attack, Defense and Shield to be equipped, so A-Gears have to put points into at least one unwanted stat. Therefore you have to know beforehand what kind of engine you’ll be using (new players should pick the suggestions below) and what CPU they want to use, in order to get the maximum amount out of CPU and gear.

Fortunately you get a free re-stat at level 53, which you can later use to adapt to the CPU or even change your build. However you can build a level 80 A-Gear without re-statting and compromising too many statpoints.

All A-Gear builds have in common that they want at least 500 skill points (63 points in spirit will give you 504), because the regeneration rate goes up every 500 points.

* Attack-Build: - Attack builds are the cookie cutters of PVP. Powerful siege mode, combined with a re-attack gun and barrier will net you a lot of kills and you’ll grind fast. Invest all spare points into attack. You will tear everybody apart, who dares intrude into the range of you siege. You’ll have a lot of raw HP, but you’ll die very quickly if you don’t watch your back.

* Defense-Build: Defense A-Gears can tank a whole nation, but grind slow. You will rarely have to use barrier, because you ARE a barrier. Invest all spare points into defense. Use Siege Defense instead of Siege mode and when you have M-Gear buffs and a rough defense charm, you reach insane amounts of defense. This build is not really viable before level 70 and if you don’t have final Siege Defense.

* Spirit-Build: - Spirit builds just keep going. Siege Mode, Barrier, and Remedy can be spammed at the cost of a lower attacking power than a dedicated attack build. Invest enough points into spirit to get 1,000 skill points, and send the remainder to bolster your Attack. You will hit less hard, but you will not run out of steam either.

* A-X Build - Pick one of the above builds, but invest enough into Attack (64), Defense (48) and Shield (64) to equip the unique A-X engine. This powerful engine enables the otherwise sluggish A-gear to outrun most missile types.

[edit] CPU suggestions

As an A-Gear you want to focus on Spirit, Fuel and Defense. There are multiple ways to get to your endgame CPU:

* Lazy way - Up to level 60, use what you can find with additional spirit. Then use the level 60 +30 spirit CPU, afterward the level 70 spirit / attack for attack builds or the spirit /defense CPU defense build. Re-stat at 80 for the spirit / defense CPU.

* Killmark CPU - Up to level 60, use what you can find with additional spirit. Re-stat at 62 for the fuel killmark CPU (Andantino). This is almost as good as the level 80 defense / spirit CPU, so you don’t really have to re-stat should you ever reach that level.

Armour Suggestions

Schneider Guarder, level x3 - also known as "Goatse Guarder". The A-Gear armour that focuses on energy. Statwise the Schneider is the least recommendable guarder, however it has the least minimum range and hilarious colour options.

Double Coat Guarder, level x5 or Volks Guarder? is the most commonly used A-Gear guarder which focuses on shield. The minimum range on the Double Coat is rather bad (100 m), but it gives the most raw HP of all the guarders within a level range. Also, you look like a VW Beetle.

Blazer Guarder, level x8 is the A-Gear guarder that gives an additional amount of evasion. Since A-Gears have no use for evasion whatsoever, this guarder is useless, unless - again - for having a laugh. Especially since you will look like a cute turtle.

Grizzly Guarder, level x8 is the defense Guarder. It gives less raw HP than the Double Coat?, but the defense bonus is mandatory for defense A-Gears. Even if you are not a defense A-Gear, the combined defense bonus from guarder and self buffs make the Grizzly the optimal choice from level 78 onwards.

Revival Guarder, level x3 is the A-Gear warpoint armour. It gives a little more raw HP than the Double Coat? and the same defense bonus as the Grizzly 5 levels below. Since the HP boost is comparatively low, it is arguable if the Revival is worth buying. Current cost: 40.000 WP.

Quellease Guarder, level 72 is the A-Gear boss armour. It drops off Ordin in Eopi and can be combined with an Ordin Control Unit for the boss version. It gives the same defense bonus as the 78 Grizzly and a lot more raw HP than the 75 Double Coat, so this armour is every A Gears wet dream. Also you”ll look like some sort of weird alien.
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