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B-Gear Guide

From Ace Online/Airrivals Wiki
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The B-Gear's basic armor, the Phantom Veil.

The B-Gear represents the heavy hitters (“shotgun-class”) of Air Rivals. The most versatile gear in the game build wise, the B-Gear is also one of the most feared gears in the game due to its ability to One Hit K.O. nearly everything/everyone in the game. With Invisibility and the highest damage output in one shot, B-Gears are infamous for the ability to bring tremendous amounts of damage to bear on a gatecamp from out of no where. While lacking the speed of an I-Gear, the B-Gear possesses the same mobility as an I-Gear. Late game B-Gears can eliminate most I-Gear’s speed advantage by grinding to level 86, which grants the option to use the lvl 86:520m/s Eurostar engine. Thereby eliminating the speed difference between I-Gears and B-Gears.

A B-Gear is the fastest leveler and is rather simple in PvP after getting use to its unique skills (Ground Bombing Mode (GBM) and Airbombing Mode (ABM)).

How to Stat a B-Gear

B-Gears are balanced across the board, however their most important stats are Attack, Agility, Defense, and Spirit, four out of the six. This makes it difficult to achieve a high amount of points in one particular stat early on, but allows the B-Gear to be good at many things. Maxing out a stat category for a B-Gear does not become viable and efficient till the high 8x levels.

* Attack - Needed for engines, and is often the stat players focus on. Increases Pierce rate and an additional 5% Probability to all equipped weapons. Attack also increases damage, but not real noticeable because of the already high DPH of the Bawoo.

* Defense/Evasion - Important for engines. A perfectly balanced build at high levels is more desirable, as it allows them evade missiles by use of terrain and tight movement and take minimal damage from those that do hit.

* Spirit - Since the B-Gear is a rather SP intensive gear, Spirit is very important for a B-Gear. Try to have a minimum of 500 for the increased regeneration. Most B-Gears enjoy a balance between 500–700 skill points based on personal preference, while those who enjoy rebuffing and use of Invisible/Big Boom commonly prefer 1000 Spirit. Remember that while you can always buy Spirit at a pad (expensive), you can not buy the defense/agi/attack that you lose when you stat to 1000 Spirit.

* Shield - Absolutely useless, skip this stat.

* Fuel - The most fuel you will ever need at any level is 27/30/33, depending on
which engine you prefer using. Any more after that and you are wasting points.

[edit] Builds and Armor Suggestions

See: List of B-Gear Armors

* Attack - Your “Pierce” stat in the Ammo tab. 300 points into Attack give you 45% natural pierce and 5% extra probability on all weapons when equipped. Pierce negates the defense stat, so if you shoot a level 80 M-Gear fully buffed up (98% defense) your damage cuts through 45% of that, making only 53% of their defense effective. In order to calculate the percentage of Damage Absorption available on the target, [Defense of Target] - [Pierce of Attacker] = Overall Damage Reduction available to the target

* Evasion - Your “Evasion” stat in the Ammo tab. 300 points into Evasion give you a 50% evasion rate without buffs or armor. If someone shoots you with an Arrow type missile at the default 74% probability, there is only a 24% chance one of those will hit you. In order to calculate your chance to evade, [Probability of missile] - [Evasion rating of target] = Overall chance to hit.

* Defense - Each stat point increases your Defense percentage by a certain amount. Your Defense percentage represents how much damage is reduced by as your gear is hit by missiles and standards. Defense percentage is compared with the Pierce of the gear. In order to calculate the amount of damage reduced, [Defense Rating] - [Pierce of Attacker] = [% of Damage Reduction].

[edit] Suggested Builds

The most common B-Gear builds stat for the lvl 27 B-Gear fast engine (27 attack/defense/agility) and 500(63) Spirit, and then dump everything into either attack or defense. Agility builds are not recommended as smaller amounts of agility scale worse than smaller amounts of defense. After hitting level 86, nearly all B-Gear pilots restat to the 520 Eurostar engine unless they are staying 300 attack / 300 defense.

All builds will want 27 or 30 Fuel points by level 70. Spirit is at least at 63, but all builds can put more in if desired.
[edit] Full Attack

* There are two options for this build. The more extreme attack build is 27 Defense/Evasion and at least 63 Spirit, and the rest of your stat points dumped into Attack, allowing the B-Gear to get 300 attack by level 85. The other build option is statting for the B-X which requires 48/48/48 into the engine stats. The B-X attack build greatly reduces your overall attack stat, and often times a player with this build carries two CPU's to switch out stats. Attack B-Gears do not survive long, in fact they are probably the easiest for I-Gear’s to pick off, but it's almost always guaranteed one-hits in PvP with GBM.

o Pros: - Highest DPS and DPH in the game against all Gear types, bosses, objectives, and mobs. Excellent for carpet bombing.

o Cons: - Suicide build, rush the enemies and throw bombs down, collect killmarks, die, repeat. In effect, they are what's known as a glass cannon.

o Suggested Armors: - Serpent Veil or Tackle Veil is ideal, as they give the most Shield and HP. A Tackle Veil is preferred because it is similar to the Serpent but gives added Defense. A Legendary Serpent is beastly with Reduce Damage, and is preferred for full attack builds. You might also want to have a legend Garuda Veil as they have the highest Energy Amount for B gears and thus deals the most damage during a Big Boom.

[edit] Full Defense

* Similar to an Attack build, instead you pump the Defense stat and keep Evasion and Attack at 27. This build relies on GBM with a good set of Bawoos to do all of the damage, while Chaffs, Reduce Damage, and Defense buffs allow you to survive ridiculously long in a single fight. Very vulnerable if Purified. Form Buffs can make this gear even more dangerous. Employ reduce sheild damage to negotiate peirce; at it's best, reduce damage gives 50% damage reduction. Defense build was culled with the addition of Pierce Cards but in the end, your worst enemy will be other defense builds because you will have virtually no way to kill them.

o Pros:- Arguably has the highest survivability in the game out of all Gears thanks to the combination of Skills available.

o Cons:- Won't kill other Defense builds, vulnerable to Purify and Shield Paralyze.

o Suggested Armors: - Any of the D-Type Cash Shop Armors, Tackle Veil, or a Phantom Veil. Preferred armor are the D-Type cash shop ones, or a Tackle enchanted with Defense.

[edit] Balanced / Engine Build

* A Balanced Build B-Gear can do a variety of stat distributions: Keep Attack/Agility/Defense equal with only 63 Spirit, keep Attack/Defense equal and just enough Agility to use engines, or keep Defense and Agility equal while keeping Attack low. An Engine Build will keep Defense and Agility at the same and continue putting points in to use all of the engines available at their levels, but make Attack as the higher stat. This gives the B-Gear very high survivability by drawing on the strengths of both evasion and defense, as well as the ability to equip high level engines and feather on par with most I-Gear’s, and will still one-shot most players out of the sky.

o Pros: - Easy mode. Def/Eva stats are high especially with M-Gear buffs+Double God Charm, equipping high level engines makes a huge difference in chasing and surviving. This build counters Pierce weapons nicely because of the high evasion stat.

o Cons: - Weak to Purify, not much else.

o Suggested Armors: Tackle Veil for high Shield and Defense, or a Cash Shop armor. The cash shop armor can be either D-Type or E-Type depending on what stat the player wishes to focus on in a certain fight.

[edit] CPU Suggestions

Because the B-Gear gets 3 points for any stat it increases the thing that matters most for a CPU is the total number of stat points it provides. For example, a 10 Attack/10 Agility/5 Spirit CPU is better for a B-Gear than a 20 Attack CPU because the first one provides 25 bonus points whereas the second only gives you 20. When making your gear pick a CPU with a lot of points and plan your build around it. Restat at around level 70 if you wish in order to maximize the level 70+ CPU’s.
[edit] B-Gear Uniques

The B-Gear is swimming with uniques. It can get use out of more uniques than any other gear in the game.

Valkyrie Veil, rare armor from Egma Schill.
Vellocatus Veil, rare armor from Pandea bosses.

* Armors: The B-Gear boss armors are the level 72 Valkyrie Veil (left) and the level 85 Vellocatus Veil (right). The Valkyrie Veil can be upgraded with an Egma Schill Control Unit, and the Vellocatus Veil with a V-Type Nano Capsule. Both of the level 54 unique armors, Reiz Panzer Veil and Shield Panzer Veil, can be used. The Reiz is the original Big Boom Veil because of its high energy. The Shield Panzer Veil works well with Reduce Damage because of its high shield.

* Weapons: Hammer and the Power Hunter are both B-Gear specific uniques. The Hammer is the predecessor of the Bawoo, dishing out incredibly high damage per hit. While the Power Hunter is the predecessor to the Blast, capable of breaking nearly 2,000 damage a hit in Charge Shot.

* Engine: The B-X is the only 0 speed (or “stop engine”) available to a B-Gear. If acquired, you are no longer dependent on finding an M-Gear formation for Den fights or gate camps. It turns like a bus, but is vital for a lot of successful defenses.
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