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I-Gear Guide

The I-Gear is a gear based entirely on Speed and Damage with its primary strengths being Attack and Evasion. With the fastest available engines in the game, and the highest evasion, the I-Gear can outrun nearly every missile in the game, and evades the ones it cannot. It also has the opportunity to become an attack gear, well-balanced between aggression and damage per shot, and an interceptor — able to take down any gear attempting to run away. Once this gear has become high level (70 or higher), a properly built and played I-Gear can take on multiple opponents while also dodging a majority of their missiles. It is the most commonly played Gear, and the bread and butter unit of any war.

The I-Gear plays like a very fast moving interceptor. Your basic fighter class. Easy to get used to, very straightforward. Levels fast and isn’t restricted to certain maps.

How to Stat an I-Gear

I-Gears get 4 points into two very powerful stats, Attack and Evasion. It is easy to max one of these stats out at 300 points by the 50′s or 60′s (although severely gimping yourself when it comes to engines to do so).

* Attack/Evasion - Primary stats for the I-Gear over all, and required stats for your engines. Get at least 100/100 so you can use the level 50 slow engines, and begin working to the good high level engines. As an I-Gear your engine is your greatest asset.

* Defense - Do not put any stats into this, keep it at 2.

* Spirit - Put enough points in so you can cast your skills again if you get purified, you can get away with less now because in Episode 3.2 and beyond, buffs do not fall off on death. Most I-Gears have between 300 ~ 500 (30–64 points in the Spirit stat) skill points by level 70. It is recommended to go 500 but it doesn’t really hurt if you have less (depends on the Purify spam).

* Fuel - Keep your loadage below 80%, 27 or 30 fuel points will last you until level 80. Having 32 points works well into the 9x levels.

* Shield - Do not put any stats into this, keep it at 2.

Higher level engines will require a certain amount of points distributed into attack and evasion.

Builds and Armor Suggestions

See: List of I-Gear Armors

* Evasion -- 300 points into Evasion give you a 50% evasion rate without buffs or armor. If someone shoots you with an Arrow type missile at the default 75% probability, there is only a 25% chance one of those will hit you. Fully buffed, 300 evasion, level 80 I-Gear with a Fox Binder v4 hits 98.96% evasion without any charms on. If that same Arrow is shot at you, it will miss completely every time. In order to calculate your chance to evade, [Probability of missile] - [Evasion rating of target] = Overall chance to hit

* Attack -- Your “Pierce” stat in the Gear Info tab. 300 points into Attack give you 45% pierce, +70% mininum/maximum damage, and 5% extra probability on all weapons when equipped. Pierce negates the defense stat, so if you shoot a level 80 M-Gear fully buffed up (98% defense) your damage cuts through 45% of that, making only 53% of their defense effective. In order to calculate the percentage of Damage Absorption available on the target, [Defense of Target] - [Pierce of Attacker] = Overall Damage Reduction available to the target

[edit] Suggested Builds

All builds will want around 30 Fuel, give or take one stat point. The most recommended builds for new players are the Engine Evasion and Engine Attack builds because they are the easiest to work with. Late game I-Gear pilots should know by then what builds they prefer to play with.
[edit] Pure Attack

* 300 Attack points, giving you 45.10% natural Pierce (negates the Defense stat) and an extra 5% Probability to weapons equipped. At the lower levels, an attack I-Gear has only enough Agility to use the level 27 or 34/35 engines, while getting as much Attack as possible. After maxing on Attack, begin to build up the Agility stat for higher level engines, with enough points into Spirit and Fuel as needed.

o Pros: Constant, fast, and high damage pressure on anyone in your crosshairs. You will make M-Gear's and B-Gear's cry.

o Cons: A literal paper airplane, the breeze will kill you. Expect to die a lot and take enemies down with you.

o Suggested Armors: A tie between Rapid Binder and Shadow Binder. Rapid Binder, for the high Shield and bonus Evasion to tank some B-Gear's, and the Shadow Binder for even higher evasion with a bonus to Pierce.

[edit] Pure Evasion

* 300 Evasion points, giving you 50% natural evasion without armors or buffs. Same concept as a Pure Attack build, only swap Attack for Evasion. This is a purely survival build and mostly serves as a distraction in large wars. In PvP events, the Evasion I-Gear wrecks havoc by dispersing the enemies gate camps, forcing them to chase you instead of keeping the damage dealers out (B-Gear's) of a map. At the high levels, this build can fly the 530 or 560 boost engines with maxed Evasion, further increasing survivability.

o Pros: Run around laughing at the amount of people chasing you. Breaks weaker camps effortlessly; can sometimes break large camps. Majority of A-Gear's will do zero's to you.

o Cons: Very low damage, you'll be forced to avoid attacking M-Gear's and most B-Gear's. Need to be picky on what to shoot.

o Suggested Armors: Rapid Binder or any of the Cash Shop E-Type armors. Get that Evasion stat as high as possible, but keep in mind your total HP, there are plenty of high probability Bawoos out there.

[edit] Balanced/Hybrid Build

* Even Attack and Evasion stat distribution, with 504 Skill Points and enough Fuel. Able to equip all level engines as you reach their levels, which can be worth it. This build focuses on balancing the two strengths of an I-Gear: aggression and evasion. However, this is more of an end-game I-Gear build because of the stat points needed to make it effective.

o Pros: At high levels it has no notable weakness. High Pierce with equally high Evasion, a very deadly build and great for solo play.

o Cons: Doesn't work until at least the late 8x levels, not recommended unless 90 or higher. Lower levels don't have enough Attack or Evasion to benefit from this build.

o Suggested Armors: Rapid Binder, almost exclusively. It has the highest HP with only a little less Evasion than Cash Shop armors, so it balances out. Because your total Evasion won't be as high as a 300 eva build, the high HP helps a lot more. Just don't use a Fox Binder or Prizma Binder, you want balance.

[edit] Engine Evasion

* 132 points into Attack, the rest into Evasion and enough Spirit to recast your buffs if you get purified. This lets you use the level 66 Jet FF-I engine while still having very high Evasion, although you will not max out that stat until mid-70′s with this build. This is the most recommended PvP build for new players. Decent Attack against Gears of similar level and a nice engine. Most commonly seen build.

o Pros: Decent survivability with the first great Feathering engine. This build is newbie friendly in PvP.

o Cons: Attack stat is rather low so expect to see double digits or even single digit numbers on high level Defense Gears.

o Suggested Armors: Fox Binder, Rapid Binder, or any of the Cash Shop armors. Armor choice is more of a personal preference with this build, but many players chose the Rapid or a Cash Shop armor.

[edit] Engine Attack

* 132 points into Evasion, the rest into Attack. Exact same concept as the Engine Evasion build, only swapped which stat has focus. Also one of the most recommended PvP builds for newbies, especially for newbies who want to dish out damage. Thanks to the Jet FF-I engine, survivability is increased compared to the 27, 34, and 35 engine attack builds.

o Pros: You'll do lots of damage to all Gears and have a good Feathering engine to get you out of tight spots. Newbie friendly build.

o Cons: Like all Attack builds, you will always take damage from weapons hitting you, so expect to die a lot.

o Suggested Armors: Rapid Binder or any of the Cash Shop armors. Because you'll die fast anyway, aim for higher HP and take advantage of any extra Evasion you can get. Armor choice with this build is more of a personal preference.

[edit] CPU Suggestions

Your goal is to supplement the weaker stat points with the CPU. I-Gears do not require much more than 30 Fuel or 63 Spirit, so use CPUs to try and support these stats. Each stat point you put into Evasion/Attack vs. Fuel/Spirit is an additional 1 point.

Planning your stats around this table will allow the I-Gear to never need a restat, but only if planned ahead. Place the minimum stats into fuel as needed, and nothing into Spirit. By the time you’re nearing 60, make sure you have enough fuel WITHOUT a fuel CPU, and perhaps a point or two into Spirit in order to supplant the low spirit. You are free to spend the rest of your points on Attack/Evasion as you see fit. If you build the SC-Dolce-8A level 82 CPU (built by combining an A-Type Datacube(PURPLE)) with 300 Wing Commander or 150 Hero killmarks), then a restat is needed and that is the end-game CPU.

A Thunderforce Final U level 1 Unique CPU will be the best until level 70 if found. Otherwise follow the chart below.

Although there are no level 90 or 100 CPUs superior to the SC-Dolce-8A, if this rare CPU cannot be obtained by the player, then the level 90 Wingo Jazz Format V-Q is recommended.

There are only four I-Gear specific uniques currently in the game, two of which are not even good.
Rare armor from Rock Emperor, Exorcist Binder
Rare armor from Pandea bosses, Serapia Binder

* Armors: The I-Gear Boss Armor's are called the Exorcist Binder (left) and Serapia Binder (right). The Exorcist Binder can be upgraded with a Plumage of Emperor, and the Serapia Binder can be upgraded with an S-Type Nano Capsule. The level 54 Reiz and Shield Panzer Binder’s are useless.

* Weapons: Ace Arrow and Lion Sniper II are the only unique weapons an I-Gear can viably use. The Ace Arrow has very high damage per hit, with a base 100% probability, so it is desired for grinding and taking out defense builds. The LSII are best equipped for chasing B-Gear’s and other I-Gear’s. However with the addition of speed cards, the LSII has become much less used.

* Engine: I-X is the unique engine, it is a mid-speed/turning engine. It gives the I-Gear the ability to win in any close combat dog fight, especially 1 vs 1. If used correctly, the I-Gear can be very difficult to keep a lock onto and sometimes manage to fight off multiple attacking enemies.
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