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The Grind Spot..

Grinding in Air Rivals is straightforward. Kill things, and kill them as fast as you can. B-Gears grind incredibly fast because of their ability to OHKO monsters.

11-20: Grind in Reynard Beach, whatever you can kill, continue killing. At lvl 19, GBM becomes available from a mission.
20-23: Guard Messengers: Or whatever they’re called. They’re big slow, and yellow.
23-27: Malls in EV. If you have the prob, go grind on Aralions in Ardor.
27-30: CC. Kill anything that moves and you are comfortable hitting.
30-50: Relic mobs. Relic is the single most amazing low level grind map in this game. Amazing respawn rate with weak mobs. Find the single highest prob bawoo you can get your hands on, and start grinding here as soon as possible.
50-57: Denebola. Contrary to what your first instinct may be, kill dives. They give good exp for the level, and have significantly less HP than the large fat Oannes on the ground.
57-74: Islands Dream/Islands Dream MM/Alioth/Portsmouth Canyon MM (lvl 6x one): These levels will blow by insanely fast, 47 GBM is an amazing grinding tool. You can pretty much ohko any mob of your level with a set of decent prob bawoos. If you can ohko with RA all the better.
74-Forever: Ship grinding (Has its own section). Or, FF/LV/PM, anything you can oneshot is a viable grinding spot, just be sure it has enough mobs and you don’t get bored.

11-15: Tylent Jungle: Any mob
15-20: Bach Mountain Chain: I prefer scouts, and now that they’ve removed the lvl 4x sandrocks from the map, any mob in here is grindable.
20-27: Black Burn Site: Air Rivals added ground mobs to BMC, I suggest you learn to GBM on air mobs, as that will give you the most difficulty in actually hitting the target. Some of these levels may seem slow because you are just learning how to B-Gear properly.
27-30: Starlight Valley: Shoot anything on the ground.
30-39: Redline Beach: Sedium make great exp, and they often spawn in huge clusters.
39-50: Sunken City/Sunken City Mission Map: Anything on this map is big and easily bombable. This is the BCU equivalent of relic.
50-57: See Denebola.
57-74: Islands Dream/IDMM/Nubarke Cave/Nubarke Cave MM. Nubarke is grinding heaven. Mobs continue to spawn all over the place. Its possible to grind in the 8x’s in this map simply because of the high exp/min rate you get by OHKO-ing everything.
74-Infinity: See Ship Grinding.
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